A tryst with the oil city

Its been nearly 4 months since I moved from Salt Lake City UT to Houston TX and its been quite the change. From a college town life to suburban living and a downtown job life, adjustment hasn’t come easy and I miss Salt Lake and all my friends. Houston is a quite different city from Salt Lake. From 0% to 90% humidity. From the soaring Wasatch front to the flat marshes and bayou. From traveling in efficient public transport to literally living in cars and large trucks! From grocery stores at walkable distances to stores many miles away. From a small city nestled in the mountains to the 4th largest city in the US.
There is obviously an upside to living in the 4th largest city. Choices for lunch at restaurants wouldn’t run out till the end of time(2012 is near enough! 😉 ) Access to family, climate closer to Indian temperatures etc etc. Yes, the blatant opulence of the ” most air-conditioned place on earth”(wikipedia) bugs me to no end, but I’ve decided to contribute to building more efficient products to reduce the burden this city places on the world.

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