No No No this cannot be happening!!! Yahoo may go over to the dark side!!! From Sunnyvale California to the Hell called Remond Wa. I don’t know about you guys but I prefer my yahoo mail NOT my “windows live” Hotmail. I don’t really feel comfortable having my mail being run by the same ppl who built the really really wonderful OS on my PC. And I can’t really shift to another email address simply because this is my id on the internet. It’s the id I managed to give out to my classmates because sergey brin and larry page had barely been successful in creating the google search engine not the behemoth that it is today. Gmail simply wasn’t even on their minds.
I hear people calling it the next AOL-Time Warner merger. No it’s NOT! Those guys are just cable companies and simply large corporations who had similar work ethics -THEY HAD NONE!
As most people know Yahoo and MS are not remotely the same. MS is simply the corporate giant that conducts it operations ruthlessly decimating or else ignoring people. Yahoo does NOT work that way. We owe it to Hotmail sure for providing us the first free email service. But Yahoo integrated the service much much better even to this day simply because they looked at advertising as a way for revenue not the dumb idea of MS that people will be forced to pay for it. And what about the work fairly fun loving culture of Yahoo? If some MS employee is going to tell me they are fun loving they are only going to make a fool of themselves. Cmon ppl MS ‘s conquest of the PC market with windows doesn’t show how good an OS it is but how monopolistic MS is. Sure I support windows because it’s the Only OS made for the PC( Mac OS does not count) whose makers believe that a Graphical User Interface is the way of the future not the dumb command prompt like the stupid linux aficionados believe.
But that doesn’t change the fact that MS is still evil for the internet. Back off my mail box MS. The internet is the free world not your Soviet Union.

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