The world is still free and evil still hides among the shadows

Ya ya everybody knows about Microsoft leaving Yahoo alone. But there is a bigger danger looming. In the middle of the whole distraction between the Big One and Yahoo there were hush hush rumors about an extremely disturbing scenario. There were rumors that the real devil himself would finance this deal. Yup I’m talking about Rupert Murdoch and his far right News Corp. Microsoft is one thing, but the parent company of Fox News acquiring the second largest search engine and among the largest news accumulators of the internet(yahoo news) sends shivers down my mailbox!
Yes I know the critics who say News Corp is just an investor and all that. But I’d rather not see partisan politics spread to the internet as well. The web would definitely be better off without the biased news spreading across the planet with several news agencies taking up all the ‘Fixed News’.
Meanwhile not much is happening on the technology front that really captures my eye. I believe that the prices of wireless networking need to go down further so that they will be affordable in developing countries as well.
A note here: what’s up with IEEE and it’s draft 802.11n(Wi-Max) standard. The final stuff is still to be decided and the routers yet to come out. Do it fast people so that consumers can buy without worrying if the standard would change a lot.

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