Ok, is Cadence a tool?

Wow, that black background really was scary and so had to go! Lets stick to this parchment colour until I find something better. So lets set the ground rules all over again. This is a blog of a real person even if it sometimes strains belief. I am an electrical/electronics engineer who adores his ‘used to be little’ city of Hyderabad, India. But this ain’t no time to get homesick(wow, that sentence would so not be ok with my high school teachers)
I do what I do because of a goal of greater good. I don’t think of building technology as stretching of a rubber band, but actually tying another band to it to make it longer. (Yes, I live for clichés!) I use monotony in my life to create novelty for my satisfaction.
Its hard to get through the day without hearing about this thing that Cadence put out called EDA 360. Apparently they have built a new VLSI CAD design tool for chip design. But all I’ve gotten from their site is just that. They have a 32 page white paper that says absolutely nothing to me. Doesn’t compare with the tools I’ve already used nor helps me to find out what was the previous version like. Just a load of marketing. Just go to to find out how frustrated can electrical engineers get.

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