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Computer- Great device WILL get better.

Hardware-LCD monitors And DVD writers are the things to have and this is from experience. LCD Monitors are essential for home use.For Professional purposes maybe crt’s are better. Mass switchover can only take place if the prices drop. This is a technology related issue though and will take time.

DVD Writers are already here thank god at moderate to low prices. Settle the war in blueray and HD-DVD man we want more optical storage.

Pentium duo2 promises utopia but i have every right to be skepical as the lga775 based processors are just overclocked processors with little or stupid designing done.

Intel has really messed up by going overboard with bad technology. Unfortunately AMD is no better with it’s already heated processors. They have even increased the prices to INTEL levels so why again should I buy an inferior processor at the same price!

The 8 core cell processor though promising is being built by minnows in the processor field like Toshiba and sony so I don’t see it being adapted for a PC.
They aren’t able to even build enough PS3’s coz of the delay in the processor.

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