Vista is Out Finally

Yes I’ve seen the launch as well. Sure it’s touted as the best windows yet but that tag went to so many of it’s “ancestors” that it’s ridiculous to even bother saying it. The RC1 had things that made me dread putting it on my 1.1ghz celeron. And yes I WILL upgrade coz you can’t possibly tell me to use the older unstable ones.
And the timing wow Looks like Rip van Winkle has finally woken!! it’s been like 5 years!! I’m bored of XP. Aero is definitely not original. Many small time developers have already created their own versions of the windows shell. 3d windows will bring stability to this unorganised market and not to mention CRUSH it. It happened with the internet browser first then with media players and now this. Say hello to the new walmart!!
Here’s wishing MS all the best with it coz the price tag is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too steep for third world citizens. Make it cheap man. You’ll earn far more in profits!! Wake up and smell the coffee. COST IS A MAJOR FACTOR!! Don’t be deluded to think anything else is.

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