Hot hot hot hot owwwwww!!!!!!!!

Stupid processors! I think the computer CPU manufacturers in their pursuit of Moore’s law have really lost it. Take my dual core processor for example. I have a 2.8Ghz intel pentium D processor. You’ll never believe the temperature it initially ran on. A blistering 90 degrees celcius!! At that rate the computer got stuck for every two min and a processor that was bought 4 yrs ago ran faster at 1/3rd the clock frequency. I had to open it up and put in another layer of thermal paste to get the thing down by just 5 degrees or so.
Oh and did I mention the noise. Looks like some kind of a bull dozer in my living room. The noise is sometimes unbearable. Intel and AMD should incorporate directions to underclock the processors when the processing power is not required without voiding the warranty. Under clocking should theoretically not cause any damage so a software should be built in the near future to well sort of atone for their mistake of over clocking processors not designed for this unnecessary speed.

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