Way to go yahoo! Alright google! Looks like google is already making a difference. Microsoft’s reported offer to acquire yahoo is a clear indication that the software giant is panicking. Clearly google has affected. I guess Google is only a few years away b4 it topples Micosoft from it’s perch. I can predict pretty well that if google keeps up the same way we could be looking at a google operating system or atleast a google office in the medium term.
As far as my update on hardware and software goes, i hope core2 duo is less hot than the pentium D coz the one I have is simply below quality. Vista is good and I recommend the deployment of the OS on ur computer as soon as possible(it’ll take time for u to cough up money for 1gb ram but it has to happen someday). Not too many software released so it’s a slow part of the year.

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