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****************Caution: Some of the text below may sound like a promo *****************
The Mac perspective is here for all us mortals. I’m a bit late on this but i wanted to be sure I’m not over hyping the product like most mac products are. Well obviously I’m comparing it with Firefox’s latest stable version as I strongly believe IE is way too slow for expert use. Well here is my opinion:
Stick with Firefox for now since the controls are much more familiar to windows users. For instance the CTRL+ENTER shortcut key doesn’t work in safari. Obviously plenty of bugs which would be expected in a beta.
On the positive side it takes the help of the “robust ” mac platform to deliver some amount of assurance to the users. Mac users will find it easy to use their office pc with this useful piece of software. For a browser that has to be nearly designed from scratch, the Apple Safari is pretty nimble. The pages load quite fast and the security options are pretty good for a beta.
On the whole, for the moment recommended for advanced users only as we don’t want ppl crying abt a computer crash. Not that there has been one. I suspect that bugs are only round the corner and hopefully will prove the vulnerability of Apple to the big bad world of the PC. I hope that because most mac are woefully unequipped against a malware attack.
Just because tiger is written in unix doesn’t mean viruses can’t be made for it and a lot of Mac users think that their computer is Hercules. They need to be told HERCULES IS ONLY A LEGEND!!! No petty machine can come near that!
One more jab at the Mac actually two more: Mac OS is not that stable as most people think it is. I personally have used one and it hung up about twice when i wasn’t even connected to the internet. I agree it is more stable than most machines but then u don’t see a monopoly of software on ur pc. We need the best software in every category to use not software from just one company!!
The last jab: What’s with the prices Apple! Nearly 1k$ for the mac mini when u can get a top of the line laptops at the same price! The accessories aren’t too cheap either. Just leave man and be satisfied with ur teensy weensy market share.

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