Well looks like it was just hype guys even though Safari looks cool on a Mac the code is clearly incompatible with Windows (Rats Gates!!) Too many forced shutdowns clearly make this beta non recommendable for even advanced uses for regular purposes. Plenty of sites including yahoo mail beta refuse to open in safari. For now stick with firefox inspite of it starting to get clunky like the rest of the browsers out there.
And speaking of browsers what’s UP with IE7. I had expected it to be more integrated into vista but sadly it is simply not up to the expectations. When I say close it simply restarts all over again.
I’ve tested vista and definitely it is not the best of operating systems but I wouldn’t shift to Mac OS X or Linux for the world. I’d rather shift back to an ancient XP than do that. For now I have to just bear with vista since it’s bought with my laptop.
P.S.: The lowdown on the street is that the I-pod may be further updated in the coming months so watch out. I doubt they are going to rest with just the i-phone.

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