Well i said so

Well didn’t I say the I -pod was going to be updated. At last they have answered my prayers for a video enabled nano. Looks pretty good and has the advantage of flash memory too. Meanwhile the i pod touch is welcome for customers who do not wish to sign 2yr contracts with at&t though it has the drawback that it’s only an mp3 player with no phone. still if you have a wifi enabled environment it should not matter much. now if only they put in a microphone and a webcam inside the thing i can literally do away with the computer. We can only hope. The pricing remains as usual unjustified.
Meanwhile lots happening on the web these days. New ipo’s like alibaba.com owned partially by yahoo are raking in the billions. Facebook is on it’s way to being bought by microsoft completely (it has only 10% now). Several new applications are now available for use online only.
PS: One welcome change– a band tried to sell their music online for what ever price the users want to pay- no wonder half the ppl paid ZERO$. Well , atleast free music got a chance.

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