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Yahoo Mail Beta: Got it. Simply too good. Gonna drive gmail and windows live mail to bankruptcy. Must mention rediffmail beta as a copycat though it’s pretty fast. Actually rediffmail resembles AOL mail.
Windows One care live: Junk it man. Zone alarm can provide the same protection!
Internet Explorer 7 : yay the final version is out and it’s stable. The tab designing is pretty bad man. IE still looks like it’s loading a new instance of the browser when it opens a new tab.
Windows Live Messenger:
The new beta for WLM has come out and is getting better as well. But there is a lot of scope for improvement.
Firefox 2.0: Yes it’s out too and it’s ok once you install the winestripe theme so that you get the old design back. but it’s surprisingly humongous. Currently I’ve opened 5 tabs and it’s going to nearly 100MB!!! But the tabs are much more smoother to move between compared to IE so i prefer it But Mozilla WHAT WERE YOU THINKING when you increased the size to the most compact browser on earth.

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