Usain Bolt and the loons around

What is up with this Usain Bolt guy?? Never mind the dope and gender tests plz count his chromosomes to chk if he’s human! Is he some Cheetah hybrid??
Installed Windows 7 over the week end so chk my hardware blog sooon for a review of the final version. http://a1gyaan.blogspot.com/
*******************************Spoiler alert**********: BUY IT NOW!!
Meanwhile its still summer in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. While India gets its share of monsoon, its sweating time in here. And this place looks way better snowed out believe me. Its no fun when u are sweating at 20 deg c weather when u have lived all ur life in 40 deg weather in India!
Just blogged on Bhuvan- the Indian google earth from ISRO-the Indian Space Agency.http://a1gyaan.blogspot.com/2009/08/bhuvan-smudged-pictures-galore.html

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