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Stop right there Microsoft bashers. This is really good

Yes, I know its easy to lose an audience when u pander to a big company, but for once I think microsoft might be on to something. Windows 7 looks really gr8 even though its atleast 2 years late. All these upgrades were expected in Vista. Atleast we no longer have a blank progress bar while loading windows. We get video previews in explorer, the taskbar is more organised and the side bar less clunkier. Not to mention, clearly more stable. Doesn’t crash all that easily as vista. Believe me I can crash a fresh copy of windows 98 in about 5 minutes bad enough for a reinstall. No danger of that here of course. Vista did go a long way on that aspect, but it always looked like a work in progress. Clearly Win 7 is the finished product. Buy it now all u xp ppl. Yes its time! And for all u losers still running ’98 and ME and 2000- just don’t bother telling me ur reasons.
Meanwhile loads going on in the MAC world. Yes Snow leopard is here. I’d rather classify it as a service pack update. So who ever has tiger or leopard please upgade- its dirt cheap. Also Apple has answered one of my long grudges- YES THERE IS A CAM ON THE NANO NOW!!! But none of the ipod -touch???wierd.
So long story short, upgrade to 7 if u are on windows. The stability is worth the price. I recommend the pro version coz it has most stuff without the unnecessary frills. And yet yes I DON’T get paid by the devil of software.

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