Scratch that!

Man, I sure have noo idea how to write a personal blog. All my blogs are about non personal activities. Well I must admit I do have privacy concerns and they are indeed very well founded with all of them chinese hackers. Well I must admit that my life doesn’t change a great deal over the days but its interesting enough for me. The best part is I get to tinker around with all the stuff that parents and other authority figures told me would get “spoiled” if I even attempted to see how it worked. I’ve proved them wrong then and I prove them critics wrong since. If curiosity killed the cat, I’d say it was worth getting killed for.
I believe that critical thinking is part of our instinct even if we are not people of science. That famous example of your mom being a chemist comes to mind. Humans or even other hominids were survivors long before they were dedicated philosophers, witch doctors, alchemists or scientists. We survive because we think. Oh rats, non personal again…scratch that!

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