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Great Lecture by Austin Dacey

On February 28 2010, The SHIFT student group at the University of Utah co-hosted a lecture by Dr Austin Dacey, former Center for Inquiry(CFI) representative to the United Nations. The Lecture was truly awesome! It was pleasantly surprising to see a large audience come on a Sunday afternoon. After that there was a debate/discussion with Dr Mark Hausam, Professor of Philosophy at the Salt lake Community College. The debate was pretty interesting and intriguing.
I had a chance to interact with Dr Dacey and Dr Angie McQuaig, also from CFI before and after the event and it was most educational to know about their activities around the world including in India to propagate critical thinking and the use of the scientific method on any new theory. I hope that they have plenty of success in this area since the poorest parts of the world can be best helped if they have a hunger for knowledge.
Thank You to the SHIFT officers and other sponsors for organizing this. It was truly enlightening!

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