Sorry Apple maybe next time

I think we’ve already been informed sufficiently about Iphone4 various problems. From what I hear, the next version of the iphone is scheduled to ship possibly later this year with features that should have already been on iphone4. So people are just buying this only for the sake the prestige of owning an Apple product whatever that is. A new windows mobile product is due for release and if its anything like the difference between ‘7’ and Vista, then I would definitely recommend it. My preference in the smart phone market remains the Android OS due to the ease with which applications can be built for these phones.
I am mostly turned off from buying any of these phones in the US because of their attached contracts and the locked phone itself. I would rather pay more money for an unlocked phone and use it on a postpaid connection WITHOUT a contract of any sort. The FCC needs to seriously intervene in this matter if it wants any serious customer growth in the mobile sector.

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