Hot hot hot hot owwwwww!!!!!!!!

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Stupid processors! I think the computer CPU manufacturers in their pursuit of Moore’s law have really lost it. Take my dual core processor for example. I have a 2.8Ghz intel pentium D processor. You’ll never believe the temperature it initially ran on. A blistering 90 degrees celcius!! At that rate the computer got stuck for every two min and a processor that was bought 4 yrs ago ran faster at 1/3rd the clock frequency. I had to open it up and put in another layer of thermal paste to get the thing down by just 5 degrees or so.
Oh and did I mention the noise. Looks like some kind of a bull dozer in my living room. The noise is sometimes unbearable. Intel and AMD should incorporate directions to underclock the processors when the processing power is not required without voiding the warranty. Under clocking should theoretically not cause any damage so a software should be built in the near future to well sort of atone for their mistake of over clocking processors not designed for this unnecessary speed.

Vista is Out Finally

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Yes I’ve seen the launch as well. Sure it’s touted as the best windows yet but that tag went to so many of it’s “ancestors” that it’s ridiculous to even bother saying it. The RC1 had things that made me dread putting it on my 1.1ghz celeron. And yes I WILL upgrade coz you can’t possibly tell me to use the older unstable ones.
And the timing wow Looks like Rip van Winkle has finally woken!! it’s been like 5 years!! I’m bored of XP. Aero is definitely not original. Many small time developers have already created their own versions of the windows shell. 3d windows will bring stability to this unorganised market and not to mention CRUSH it. It happened with the internet browser first then with media players and now this. Say hello to the new walmart!!
Here’s wishing MS all the best with it coz the price tag is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too steep for third world citizens. Make it cheap man. You’ll earn far more in profits!! Wake up and smell the coffee. COST IS A MAJOR FACTOR!! Don’t be deluded to think anything else is.

Hardware Post

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Computer- Great device WILL get better.

Hardware-LCD monitors And DVD writers are the things to have and this is from experience. LCD Monitors are essential for home use.For Professional purposes maybe crt’s are better. Mass switchover can only take place if the prices drop. This is a technology related issue though and will take time.

DVD Writers are already here thank god at moderate to low prices. Settle the war in blueray and HD-DVD man we want more optical storage.

Pentium duo2 promises utopia but i have every right to be skepical as the lga775 based processors are just overclocked processors with little or stupid designing done.

Intel has really messed up by going overboard with bad technology. Unfortunately AMD is no better with it’s already heated processors. They have even increased the prices to INTEL levels so why again should I buy an inferior processor at the same price!

The 8 core cell processor though promising is being built by minnows in the processor field like Toshiba and sony so I don’t see it being adapted for a PC.
They aren’t able to even build enough PS3’s coz of the delay in the processor.

The Web

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Yahoo Mail Beta: Got it. Simply too good. Gonna drive gmail and windows live mail to bankruptcy. Must mention rediffmail beta as a copycat though it’s pretty fast. Actually rediffmail resembles AOL mail.
Windows One care live: Junk it man. Zone alarm can provide the same protection!
Internet Explorer 7 : yay the final version is out and it’s stable. The tab designing is pretty bad man. IE still looks like it’s loading a new instance of the browser when it opens a new tab.
Windows Live Messenger:
The new beta for WLM has come out and is getting better as well. But there is a lot of scope for improvement.
Firefox 2.0: Yes it’s out too and it’s ok once you install the winestripe theme so that you get the old design back. but it’s surprisingly humongous. Currently I’ve opened 5 tabs and it’s going to nearly 100MB!!! But the tabs are much more smoother to move between compared to IE so i prefer it But Mozilla WHAT WERE YOU THINKING when you increased the size to the most compact browser on earth.

About time microsoft

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’bout time the big one released the final version of Internet explorer 7 and they’ve gotten friendlier to other companies couse not yet to sun microsystems but to yahoo . Yahoo is now letting users download a customised version of ie7 with yahoo . cool microsoft??I don’t think so .yahoo must have paid through the nose or MS must’ve given it for the publicity.
Meanwhile I’ve tested windows vista though not a through check i had to uninstall it too soon as i caouldn’t spare the space for the humongous system. Will need atleast 1gb of ddr2 ram to work well. IE7 is much more stable on vista than on xp